If you want to undo obstacles, evolve personally, and succeed professionally, Sarah Gillen’s unique coaching approach helps youblank

  • Become more clear, authentic, empowered, and fulfilled
  • Release self-defeating patterns and achieve more
  • Reduce anxiety and self-doubt, and come from your strengths
  • Have time to do what you really want
  • Feel confident in interactions & power situations

Are you

  • In transition or looking for a new direction
  • Juggling many projects and getting overwhelmed
  • Sabotaged by old behavior patterns
  • Reacting to what comes, rather than setting your own course in life
  • Ready to be your biggest self, rather than caught in self-criticism
“Sarah’s intuition goes beyond skill. It’s a gift that she accesses from a deep place. She shares her awareness in such a way that the client feels safe and connected with. Clients gain invaluable meaning from dilemmas and move through obstacles more quickly. Sarah truly is able to help people move forward in a richer, more meaningful way. Life & career changing!” — Lisa Martelli, coach | North Andover, MA

People are 75% more likely to reach new goals when they have a coach who helps them develop new skills, holds them accountable, and stays with them to success. No wonder executives and athletes use coaches!

Sarah Gillen is a widely respected coach, therapist, speaker, and author with over 30 years’ experience. Her unique, powerful, and holistic approach draws on her background as a psychotherapist, Energy Medicine practitioner, executive coach, and owner of several businesses. Since she looks at situations from several paradigms at once, she sees cause and impact that others miss. She gently and deeply helps you release obstacles, be more empowered and authentic, and increase vitality and achievement.

Phone: (802) 229-4815

Helping gifted people succeed professionally and evolve personally for 30 years