Everything is made of energy. Everything is created on the energetic level, before organizing itself physically. Working on the electro-magnetic level promotes and accelerates significant change.

Energy Therapy and Gillen Energy Medicine (GEM) are uniquely effective in healing physical and emotional pain, as well as stubborn problems. They also promote growth and peak performance. Sarah Gillen’s inspired vision is more comprehensive and personalized than other forms of energy work. Gillen Energy Medicine is the synergy of Asian Medicine, many Energy Medicine modalities, and psychology.

ā€œFor years after gall bladder surgery, I had searing abdominal pain every three months, like clockwork. It as due to adhesions from surgery, and I was told Iā€™d need more surgery to get rid of it. During one episode, Sarah Gillen worked on me energetically. That evening the pain disappeared. I have never had it again.” ā€” Delia Robinson, painter, Montpelier, VT

Sarah sees the energy patterns in your body. She helps you discover the root causes of your difficulties and then helps your body release them. You’ll move beyond outmoded beliefs and self-defeating behaviors. She heals old trauma and teaches you to use your own Energy Dynamics to feel empowered and to react differently in stressful situations, and how to protect your energy around difficult people

Developing your Energy Dynamics, you can improve your health and vitality and enhance your abundance, fulfillment, peace, and joy.

Sarah Gillen is a widely respected healer who has helped thousands of people. She works in-person or on the phone.