Want your work to be more creative, satisfying,       successful?
Want more energy?

Joy on the Job Tele-seminar will show you how~

In transition?
Overwhelmed or drained by your workdays?
Held back by some pattern you don’t know how to change?
Want work to be more creative, satisfying, and successful?The way I see it, our work life is our offering to the world.
Work is the vehicle with which we use our gifts, creativity, and passion to take care of ourselves and our families.
It is also a vehicle for making the world a better place.But if you’re too tired, scattered, or puzzled about how to make an impact, it’s hard to feel that your work means anything.
It would change your life to know how to use your talents more, to feel more connection between your true self and the work you do in the world.
So, what do you really want from your time spent working? 

Joy on the Job will give you

  • The secrets to feeling better, more energetic, and more effective.
  • How to have your work be more meaningful fulfilling.
  • What depletes you and keeps you stuck.
  • What old patterns keep you from achieving what you want.
  • You’ll create new viewpoints and habits that break through old barriers and    have clients and coworkers valuing you and eager to work with you.
  • You’ll learn powerful Energy Dynamics skills that will make you energetically congruent, empowered, confident, and more able to see and act on strategic options that make you succeed.

Joy on the Job is a teleseminar.  Participate without having to travel!
5 weeks starting Wed, Feb 25, thru Wed, March 25, noon – 1:15.

Email Sarah@sarahgillen.com or call (802) 229-4815 to register & receive tele-seminar information.

This is your life! 
I believe you want to make a difference in the world.
And you want to feel that you are spending your precious time doing what makes you feel vibrant and joyous.
You feel fulfilled when your values are apparent in your work, when your work is meaningful, and when you really enjoy what you do. When you feel empowered you act from an authentic place.

Lots of people spend their work-lives feeling unsatisfied by the work itself, or frustrated that their value is not recognized. They don’t feel they are earning what they’re worth.
They don’t realize how they hold themselves back through negative beliefs about themselves or limiting assumptions about the world and their place in it.

Often they develop habits that hold them back further, whether they involve food, inadequate self-care, or ways they unknowingly undermine themselves at work.
These habits may lower anxiety or fell reassuring in the moment, but they keep people from moving ahead.

Make work easier and more joy-filled.
Get dramatically better results.
Earn more while being less drained and more enthusiastic.

Joy on the Job will teach you skills that are powerful and effective whether you’re an entrepreneur, a professional, or climbing the corporate ladder.

  •  We’ll explore the four types of energy that you need: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. You’ll learn how each gives you the edge to succeed by being available when you need it.
  • We’ll discuss real-live situations – the ones you run into in your work – and generate powerful strategies for transforming these situations.
  • You’ll respond to challenges, rather than reacting emotionally or from old patterns
  • You’ll know how to handle toxic people
  • You’ll act congruently with your values, embodying your True Self,  AND getting better results and more income.

Joy on the Job is a teleseminar.  Participate without having to travel!
5 weeks starting Wed, Feb 25, thru Wed, March 25, noon – 1:15.

For your convenience, there are two payment options, although to get the benefit of the entire process, it’s vital that you commit to doing the entire series.
$397 if you pay in full in advance.
$85 per session, if you want to pay each week.

Email Sarah@sarahgillen.com or call (802) 229-4815 to register & receive tele seminar information.

What others say about Joy on the Job:

“Among the vast array of business coaches, Sarah Gillen is unique. Her work does not merely reform, it transforms.  Sarah works at the heart of behavioral and attitudinal change. Her fervor and commitment to each client holds empowerment and an invitation to go beyond the box.”            ~Carolyn D. Consultant, NY & Netherlands

“Nothing short of life changing! Professionally, at home, on the tennis court, Sarah’s techniques allow me to regain a strong sense of calm and focus. No more struggling with self-doubt. A significant impact on my ability to deal with performance success and life’s daily challenges.”                                            ~Frank C. CTO, VT Dept of Finance

“Sarah Gillen is that rare person of character who immediately recognizes and acknowledges the real you.  She encourages everyone she meets. Sarah understands group process, clarifies outcomes, and is highly skilled at creating a safe environment for group dialogue and learning.                        ~Randi Sigmund Smith EdD, Consultant, CT

(802) 229-4815 or Sarah@sarahgillen.com


Are you

  • Talented & hard-working, but not getting as far as you should?
  • In transition or looking for a new direction?
  • Juggling many projects and getting overwhelmed?
  • Sabotaged by old behavior patterns?
  • Reacting to what comes, rather than setting your own course in life?
  • Caught in self-criticism but want to be your best self?

If you want to undo obstacles, evolve personally, and succeed professionally, Sarah Gillen’s unique coaching approach helps youblank

  • Become more clear, authentic, empowered, and fulfilled
  • Release self-defeating patterns and achieve more
  • Reduce anxiety and self-doubt, and come from your strengths
  • Have time to do what you really want
  • Feel confident in interactions & power situations


“Sarah’s intuition goes beyond skill. It’s a gift that she accesses from a deep place. She shares her awareness in such a way that the client feels safe and connected with. Clients gain invaluable meaning from dilemmas and move through obstacles more quickly. Sarah truly is able to help people move forward in a richer, more meaningful way. Life & career changing!” — Lisa Martelli, coach | North Andover, MA

People are 75% more likely to reach new goals when they have a coach who helps them develop new skills, holds them accountable, and stays with them to success. No wonder executives and athletes use coaches!

Sarah Gillen is a widely respected coach, therapist, speaker, and author with over 30 years’ experience. Her unique, powerful, and holistic approach draws on her background as a psychotherapist, Energy Medicine practitioner, executive coach, and owner of several businesses. Since she looks at situations from several paradigms at once, she sees cause and impact that others miss. She gently and deeply helps you release obstacles, be more empowered and authentic, and increase vitality and achievement.

Phone: (802) 229-4815

Helping gifted people succeed professionally and evolve personally for 30 years