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How do we process the shooting in CT elementary school?

Several people have asked, “I feel my heart is broken. Maybe I’m supposed to be heart-broken for a while. But what do you tell yourself when you hear the news like this, so that you can go on?
Besides working out their own issues and growth, people remain stuck in the cycle of death & rebirth – samsara – cycling back into physical lives, by being caught by certain emotional experiences, especially sex, greed, horror, disgust, and fear. To evolve personally, and to dedicate energy to the Light, and to free ourselves from old pain, it is important not to get caught in these feeling states.

When you feel horrified or lost in your reaction to an event like this shooting, you become ungrounded. You are spinning in an acceleration of thoughts-and-feelings, caught by them, unable to be anywhere else. When you get ungrounded, you lose perspective, so the feelings become extreme. You aren’t any help to yourself or others when you are lost in the horror. When you are ungrounded, your breathing is constricted and all in your chest.

It is possible to process the feelings and help the world heal. To do so:

First you must free your breathing. Take deep breaths and expel forcefully if your chest feels really tight. then, breathe into your belly, freeing your diaphragm.
Then, come back to your own reality by grounding yourself. Breathe into your hips, legs, feet. Breathe down into your feet until they start to tingle, and you can feel the floor, and the earth. Feel your awareness, and your energy mingle with the energy of the earth.
Then, keeping your feet and legs, become aware of the rest of your body – your lower back, spine, rib cage area, shoulders, arms, hands, upper chest, upper back, neck, and head. Occupy all of your body, so that you are fully present in yourself, as much as possible at this moment.
Next, center. Become aware of the place in which you feel yourself BEING. Ask yourself to settle into that place. Watch what happens as you settle into the still point in which you are one with You, and Spirit, with. Rest here.
Then, to keep from being trapped in (the totally normal reactions of) helplessness, depression, and rage, be proactive – use energy to make something positive happen. So, when you feel filled with your present reality within your own body, and in the present moment with Spirit, while staying grounded, send White Light to all the people affected by the shooting.
Do not deplete yourself. Stay in the place of channeling Spirit’s energy for healing, staying grounded in yourself. Don’t give energy to dark side by getting lost in images, or news casts, or fear thoughts. Keep breathing, grounding, centering, and radiating White Light to those affected. And there are lots.
Keep on your task. The more you ground and center, and then radiate White Light, the more you’ll feed the side of good. You’ll be helping the world. Blessings to you, and to us all.

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