Letters & Testimonials
Thank you so much for working with me. It truly has been a blessing, I'm so glad the universe had us connect. I also appreciate the way you keep me on task. My life has improved in ways I never believed possible since working with you and I am so grateful.
~Kim Therrien, School Psychologist, VT

Do self-defeating beliefs hold you back from realizing your full potential?

Do you find yourself repeating unhelpful patterns in your work or relationships?

Do you have painful, maybe even traumatic, memories that hold you back from living the way you want?

This book can change your life! For over 30 years, I have helped thousands of clients release pain and self-defeating patterns and blossom into their talents, building freer and fuller lives.

This unique and powerful book shows how to release trauma and self-defeating patterns. You’ll learn to use your own Energy Dynamics to empower yourself and become joyful.