About Sarah Gillen, Energy Therapist

Sarah Gillen is a highly respected senior therapist, master healer/intuitive, author, and speaker, with over 30 years’ experience. She gently and deeply helps you release obstacles, be more empowered and authentic, and increase vitality and achievement. Sarah is able to perceive subtle layers of energy in the psyche, body, immune system, and spirit, and how they are affected by the far-reaching events of the past.

Sarah’s unique, powerful, and holistic approach is a synergy of her extensive experience in healing traditions across the spectrum. She holds an advanced degree in psychology, attachment and developmental theories, systems theory, and psychological neuroscience. She has also had extensive training in Asian Medicine and numerous energy modalities. Ms. Gillen has developed techniques for clearing old patterns, trauma, and pain that are effective on people of all ages. Since she looks at situations from several paradigms at once, she sees cause and webs of impact that others often miss.

Sarah Gillen’s mission has always been to help gifted people recognize and resolve the obstacles that keep them from manifesting their potential, and then to heal deeply, so they experience themselves, relationships, and the world more positively, with rich opportunities.

Sarah’s own life journey began with a traumatic and chaotic childhood, both of her parents having had severe personality disorders. Early on, she developed powerful empathic and psychic skills. She perceived energy currents in all kinds of living beings and the interactions between them.

In college, psychic and energy healers from all over contacted her. She and the college president set up a lecture series, “Alternatives to Western Medicine,” which brought some of these experts to the college campus. Dance training and acupuncture school taught her to see the energy in different layers of patterns.

After working within a traditional psychological framework for a decade, Sarah was dissatisfied with the traditional psychodynamic approach to the healing of trauma. She knew that people had more potential and capability than was recognized at the time.

While going through a four-year health crisis, she realized that turning away from her extra-sensory perceptions in her work was debilitating her and limiting her effectiveness as a healer. So she created a trauma-releasing approach – a synergy of psychology (including Buddhist, attachment, trauma, and positive psychology), Asian Medicine, and several forms of Energy Medicine.

Sarah Gillen’s Energy Therapy turned out to be extremely successful with trauma, including childhood trauma. It also is effective with physical pain and health issues, as it accesses the cause beneath seemingly unrelated symptoms. And because she includes the client’s Higher Self, thus bypassing the need for talk, she is often able to effect miraculous healing in babies and small children.

She writes and gives trainings on Energy Dynamics, Attachment Issues and Child Development, Congruence, Wellbeing and Personal Empowerment.