Energy Therapy

You may feel that there’s still something blocking you from being as free and fully yourself as you have the potential to be. You may be hiding your light under a bushel, have had health conditions that haven’t been adequately addressed, feel stuck and unable to manifest your potential, find yourself repeating unhelpful patterns, or afraid to be seen for who you truly are. Even though you’ve done a lot of work, and are successful in other parts of life, the past keeps affecting you and how you feel about life.

Even if a painful past is not letting go, What is necessary for healing is that you feel safe in your own body, embrace yourself and your value, feel connected with life, with Spirit, interrelated with others (rather than alone and disconnected), and feel part of the Oneness that encompasses all humans and all beings. True resilience comes when you really know that you can maintain your connection with yourself and stay centered, even when startled or stressed. You know you are healing when, rather than reliving the traumatic events, they turn into memories that change with time and become integrated into your past and into the narrative of who you are and what strengths and gifts you have.

The good news is that it is possible to release the effects of trauma, self-defeating patterns, and the beliefs about you and the world that keep you locked in and stuck.

It is possible to see yourself in a new light, to feel optimistic and confident in relation to the world around you, and to be effective and creative to your fullest potential.

Energy Therapy can help you:

  • Find the root cause of pain, as well as the layers of patterns that used to save you or help you manage the trauma, but now are the very patterns that trap you in suffering,
  • Find that you are not, at your core, your pain and insecurities, and become able to be your true self,
  • Resolve self-defeating patterns and negative beliefs and create new ones that build your reality as whole, free, creative, self-affirming,
  • Open and clear the paths of energy for enhanced immune function, healing physical and emotional pain, and resolution of old issues,
  • Connect more truly with life as it is now, being the person you’re meant to be, seeing the good in the world, and the opportunities and energy available for you.

With Energy Therapy, you work through, heal, and truly transform on many levels:

  • See loss and pain as gates for claiming your true self, for deepening your experience of life, for enriching your sense of yourself.
  • Truly resolve old feelings, beliefs, and patterns that are locked in your body