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Healing and progressing psychologically is manifestly the process of evolving spiritually. Identifying and resolving hidden pain and shadows frees us from unconscious assumptions that bar us from experiencing deep belonging with Life. Seeing ourselves not as part of Nature dooms us to a disconnected, howling need that we cannot fill. We blame circumstances, or others, or our past, for our loneliness and despair. We try to fill the void with constantly acquired stuff; manufactured excitement; stunted intimacy when we don’t really know how to connect with or feel safe with others; even excessive medical attention for conditions created by our domination of the environment.
On this page we’ll talk about belonging, individuality, being aware of All-That-Is, part of Spirit, and our True Selves.
We will discuss paths of evolution; practices that help highly sensitive people be resilient in this challenging world; and ways to free ourselves from false and damaging views of ourselves, others, and life.
And we’ll explore the wonderful, joyful ways to be more the beings of light and love that we truly are, as well as the paths for helping all of us, human and other-than-human, realize a future of abundance, health, and interdependence.
All of life, the Universe, our bodies, every dimension of being, is energy. Everything is created on an energetic level first. Every creation must travel from idea, through development and alignment of energy pattern, through various states of energy, to physical manifestation, if that’s where it’s headed. Even then, everything is virtually all energy. Atoms are energy in space with only the tiniest amount of formed matter in the nucleus. Atos are patterns of energy.
I have worked my entire adult life with energy in psychological, physical, and spiritual healing, for individuals, families, and areas of Earth. The task is to identify the energy patterns that heal, refine, and direct the manifestation of healing. We need the enhanced energy to raise states-of-being, help transform cultural attitudes toward Nature, women, indeed anything seen as other, for the massive transformation needed for Earth to heal in a way that allows humans to be part of the future.
First, to heal the Earth and our cultural crises, we need to heal ourselves of the blocks and beliefs that hold us apart from our true selves, apart from each other, and apart from Nature.
Yes, the Law of Attraction and many other programs talk about energy being the creative force, that our negative energy promotes and attracts negative energy. And they are right to a point. We need not to talk only about what we can get for ourselves, even when it is about what we can heal in ourselves. To move into the transformation that is possible, and that Universal energies are indicating we can succeed in becoming, it ie essential that we see All-That-Is as truly all one. We need to see others who are different, pandas, dolphins, anacondas, spiders, the folks down the street, and the folks around the world, as US. We need, as a race – the human race - truly to experience being natural beings; being responsible for the wellbeing of all that we have heretofore been destroying; to live in a state of being all in life together.
Our individual state of being affects everything. Our grasping, sense of isolation, discord, affects everything. The energy of those states affect the Earth, affect the cultures we live in. The energy of domination will never create wholeness.
Enough people doing our work to come to peace with our shadow-sides, and resolve our wounds, will raise the Energy of the planet, affecting the direction in which we are headed. Our raising our own vibration raises the energy of the whole.
Raising your energy to be in a state of peace, joy, connection with All That Is, will raise the healing, transformative, synergistic energy on the planet. We must clarify our energies and connect with the deeper truths of All That Is in order to manifest the healing and peace we want to see.
We must do our work in order to heal and embrace life and settle into our places in the Flow of Life, as well as see the much wider intelligence, beauty, and opportunities of healing the planet. Healing, raising, transforming the energy that then creates the physical manifestations of those energies, becoming the physical world.What We're Healing