Women’s Spirit Path

~ What is your vision for your life now?

~ How can you free yourself to move forward in a more empowered, heart-based, and positive way?

~ How can you deepen & expand your connection to your True Self & to Spirit, and have that manifest consistently?

Women’s Spirit Path. This may be for you if:

  • You want to transform self-criticism into radical self-love;    
  • You want a sure way to be calm in the midst of the storm of modern life;
  • You want a life of wonder, beauty, deep truth, peace, joy, and a sense of connection;
  • You want to manifest your potential & your spirit;.

Goals for the group include:

·      Clarifying your path at this time in your life;

·      Identifying and resolving what keeps you unclear, unconfident, or stuck;

·      Increasing love, compassion, and championing of yourself, valuing the wonderful, wise, talented, caring person you are;

·      Increasing joy as a daily event;

·      Embodying and asserting your power as a woman of spirit;

·      Learning to protect yourself better & have better boundaries, especially if you’re empathic, highly sensitive, & intuitive;

·      Relaxing into the flow of life, knowing that your needs will be met, even though there are both easy & hard times;

·      Enjoying the camaraderie and support of a group of conscious women.

 Women’s Spirit Path Particulars:

·      Groups will meet the second Sunday of each month, for 6 months in Montpelier, VT

·      A commitment to the entire series is required. $350 for the series.

 Contact Sarah Gillen to get more information and for an interview.